Enzo Bellomo

Enzo is an accomplished Jazz pianist and his arrangements
are often imbued with harmonies from the genre.

He has immense experience with electronic dance production fused with eclectic European and World rhythms. His home town of Baria and the surrounding areas are a ready source of inspiration for the textures he creates.

Awarded the Joseph Horowitz composer award at the Royal College of Music, his talents are in constant demand and he is currently working with
Time Will Tell Productions on a series of documentaries.

Adam Brown

Adam is an accomplished film and video game composer, with countless commissions for films, major commercials, documentaries and trailers under his belt. Adam has recently focused on trailer music regularly working with some great companies such as Gothic Storm, Alibi, Gargantuan Music, Really Slow Motion, Dos Brains and Sub Pub Music to name but a few.

He has been commissioned for a full length documentary series for 2016 with worldwide release – which will be fronted by a renowned celebrity.


Ewan Clark

Ewan is a busy film composer from New Zealand, currently based in Wellington. He studied in London and holds an MMus (Comp for Screen, with distinction) from The Royal College of Music.

He has composed and/or orchestrated the scores for more than thirty films, recently orchestrating Rhian Sheehan’s score for BACK TO THE MOON: FOR GOOD, and David Long’s score for BEYOND THE EDGE, nominated at the 2014 APRA Silver Scrolls for Best Original Music in a Feature Film.
Ewan’s compositions have been performed in concert by many international orchestras in the UK and in NZ, and his music has been broadcast on the BBC, JuiceTV and TVNZ as well as radio.


Richard Ford

As well as being an experienced composer for film and TV, Richard has an extensive background in post production and broadcasting.

Strong themes form the basis of his writing. His studio is in Wapping, East London at the Cookie Creek HQ. He set up Cookie Creek to provide clients with a known benchmark of quality coupled with a keen sense of melody with emotional attachment to a given visual project.

He has written for many productions for mainstream broadcasters.


Pierre O'Reilly

Pierre has created some wonderfully effective orchestral writing for
animation and is a strong proponent of live ensemble, normally under
his own baton. His natural flair for communication on the sound stage
always adds an extra dimension to the final sound of his productions.

Recent collaborations include with Academy Award nominated director
Nicky Phelan and with BAFTA nominated director Eamonn O’Neill. He
worked as arranger/orchestrator for the ‘Titanic Live’ production, which premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April 2015.

Pierre has also worked with multi-Grammy award winning composer and arranger, Jorge Calandrelli, conducting the Philharmonia orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Will Temlett

Will has honed a mastery for creating emotional moods from electronic textures which have adorned several scores, including for CUE COLLETTE which played at Cannes in 2014.

As a Masters alumnus of The Royal College of Music, he has composed commissions for chamber music, many short film scores as well as work in London theatre. A fresh score for the classic silent feature film THE GREAT WHITE SILENCE was commissioned from him in 2012 with Will also conducting the live ensemble.

Matt Thurtell

Matt arranged the sumptuous jazz score that
accompanies Nicole Scherzinger for Müller’s
commercial, TRAIN, shown here.

Matt studied percussion and composition at
Kings College, London, UNC in the United States,
and The RCM in London.

In addition to his advert credits he has orchestrated
for the LSO at Abbey Road on the score for THE GOLDEN ERA.
He is one half of production duo VENICE ROCKETS and he is
currently producing for singer / songwriter Marianna Zappi.